Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Underdog

So I have always loved an underdog. I absolutely love it when somebody sneaks up from behind and wins. The guy that  proves 'em all wrong and shakes things up. The bracket buster. The runt. The long shot. Even though I really don't care much for bumper stickers, I secretly love it when the car in front of me proudly boasts a sticker that reads  "My kid beat up your honor student". I have always been a sucker to fall in love with that kinda kid.

I always get a little sick to my stomach when report cards come out and my FB newsfeed is littered with pics of the most recent school awards that Sister So&So's kid have won. The All A honor roll, good citizenship, perfect attendance and highest AR point total. You know what I am talking about - the kid can't even hold all the certificates. 

Don't get me wrong, I am so proud for you and your kid - but I love the underdog. "And the underdog Award for the 2nd Six Weeks goes to ...." 
 I am thinking there should be a certificate for making it to school on time and fully clothed for a whole week.  Maybe one for surviving sight word hell and living to tell about it. An award for understanding and applying the "new" math concepts. Both students and/or parents could be eligible to receive the aforementioned awards. Can I get an amen? 

I love the kid that struggles with their sight words. The one who has his color changed at least once a week. The fella who can't keep his hands to himself. The one who makes you laugh outloud when all of your adult super powers tell you not to laugh outloud. The Kid who is saying what the rest of us are thinking.  The ones who cheat death. These ones just go straight to my heart. 

This week we are celebrating a HUGE upset, a come from behind victory that snuck up on everybody - a David with his slingshot episode -- I'm talkin' about the UNDERDOG baby!

Dyslexia can't hold this kid back. ADHD can't slow her down (pun fully intended).  Darby Clark Herrington is here to charm you with her superpowers. She competed in UIL oral reading and placed 4th in the competition. And her school took home the 2nd place trophy. Boom baby! Take that dyslexia. Booyah! She just sucker punched that ADHD in the gut.  My kid did it!  As MC Hammer would say --"Sound tha bell cuz school is in session. U CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!"  

Actually - I could not be more proud of Darbs. In all seriousness, this is the kid who was a struggling reader - (remember, the aforementioned sight word hell). Through her UIL experience, she conquered some fears and came away with some amazing memory capital. Heck - we all did. The whole family is celebrating. She took this UIL challenge and owned it like a BOSS!  

By the way, Darby also had all A's for her first semester averages. (I'm talking about an epic celebration that lasted a week - Ice cream. Skating. Slushees. Trips to the Blue Store. Play dates. Happy meals. Sonic Happy Hour. Dance party.  Oh yeah!)


And the wee little, happy underdog isn't  taking no for an answer either. She is rocking her new lungs every stinking day! Boom. So take THAT filamin A genetic mutation. And BOOYAH take THAT "failure to thrive".   Even though we had two hospital stays to start 2015, she isn't gonna let a little cryptosporidium/RSV/rotovirus keep her down long. This kiddo got some new lungs and she is ready to roll. 

On this date two years ago, we left in a hurry to rush her to the ER. She laid limp in my arms, fighting for every single breath that her terrible, crummy lungs could muster. Feburary 4th sticks out in my mind as one of the worst nights of my life. I wasn't really sure she was gonna make it. I pleaded for her next breath. Mercy. I get so emotional reliving Feb 4th. It was a real low point. But thank you Jesus, the story didn't end there.  This little genetic mutation is a walking, talking miracle.  

In all honesty, God knew I loved the underdog. I am certain that is why he gave me two of them. I wouldn't trade them for any old stupid paper award certificate on this earth. I'm sorry that some of you Momma's got plain vanilla kiddos. I like mine with a little less class and a little more sass! These two curly headed tornadoes are David's in a great big Goliath world.  David's show us that life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. You know the ones who "gut it up" and take on Plan B one day at a time. 

To be honest, we have navigated some really rough days in our little family. Circumstances have often led me to say "Why Me?" a lot over the past two years. I mean, I didn't sign up to be a doctor/nurse/pharmacist - I just wanted to be a Momma. But doggone it, these two precious underdogs have given me  hope for days like February 4th.   I CAN do a lot of things I never dreamed I could.  My girls have taught me that some days you just have to put on your armor, pick up your slingshot and give it your best shot. 

After a really rough start to 2015, I remarked that I was glad to see January in my rear view mirror. I wasn't real impressed with what she had to offer so far, but reminiscing back to just two years ago really put things into perspective.  Take heart my friend, you may be down, but you are not out. You may be having a February 4th kind of day. Work may be awful. The stomach virus may be getting the best of your family. The flu may have knocked you off of your feet. Your world may have been rocked by sadness. You may carry a load of guilt ... and Goliath might be staring you down. But I can promise you - the same God of David delights in the underdogs. Another promise, the diahrrea will not last forever. All you gotta do is pick up a rock and give it a shot. My God is mighty to save. 

Underdogs unite! 

The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. - Zephaniah 3:17 

My proud UIL winner. 

My beautiful mutation. 

My God is MIGHTY to save.