Sunday, January 20, 2013

All tangled up

I have come to the conclusion that we are all tangled up at our house. Tangled up in "sight words". Tangled up in oxygen tubing. Tangled up in what happened yesterday. Tangled up in what "may" happen in the future. Tangled up in what other people are thinking. And the reality of all the things that entangle me can be completely overwhelming.

Our curly headed tornado (aka Darby) has an amazing auditory memory. If she hears it, she remembers it. This can be a blessing and a curse - better keep your promises. Unfortunately her auditory learning style is proving it especially difficult to learn her sight words that are a necessary kindergarten evil. She is at a loss and so are her parents that are wired to work with jr. high and high school kids who have already mastered sight words. Fortunately we have some amazing friends who are gifted in all things kindergarten and they are helping us to navigate the sight word tangles. There is without a doubt a very special place in heaven for kindergarten teachers - God bless Mrs. Henslee, "Aunt"Ashleigh & Alexa. They are giving us tools and an assurance that The Darbs is gonna be ok.

P Diddy (aka Wheezy, aka Parson) is becoming more mobile and active by the day. She is showing interest in rolling over and loves to "get after it" in her exer-saucer - round and round. She is ready to boogie and I love it- it makes me smile. This is normal activity for babies her age, but this is a blessing and a curse. The challenge is the oxygen tube that entangles her. I have got my work cut out to keep her untangled in the days ahead when she is rolling and crawling. I get tickled with the picture of me chasing behind her as she boogies while I trail with the oxygen tubing.

I find myself worrying about flu germs and Parson ending up in a pod in the hospital again. Worrying if Darby will begin to show interest in sight words and reading. Worrying if a new set of lungs will be available when Par needs them. Worrying why the child of two educators is in math & reading lab for goodness sakes. Worrying what everybody else is thinking about us not having it "all together" and before I know it, I am all tangled up.

Hebrews 12:2 tells us to "shake off" the sin that so easy entangles us. Thank goodness it doesn't stop there. It continues with the challenge for us to "run with endurance the race set before us." Whew. Newsflash just for Jenn - today and yesterday are the training camp that gets me ready for the race that is ahead. But I can't run that race if I am all tangled up. I gotta "shake it off" and get going.

Big Daddy Weave has an amazing song "Redeemed." There is a line in the song that I cling to multiple times each day. The words say to "stop fighting a fight that has already been won." They wrote THAT for me. HEBREWS 12:2 is FOR me. Thank you Lord. The tangles are NOT for me. Shake off the sight words. Shake off the oxygen tubing. Shake off the worries. If God is for me, who can be against me? I have an amazing race set before me. I gotta get untangled and get on my way.


  1. You, my friend are the most amazing friend, mommy and wife I know. The "tangles" happen from time to time, but if anyone can untangle it, it's YOU! Loved our day yesterday and I love you more!!!!