Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chickens in the Kitchen

Several months ago, I was worried about the 5 chickens we were raising in our kitchen.  I mean after all, we had a second baby on the way, so the kitchen sounded like a reasonable place to give these little chicks a good start.  Right?  That was until my nesting instincts kicked in and the chickens had to get out of my kitchen - NOW!  Thankfully my baby daddy was sensitive to my rapid mood swings and quickly readied an outdoor coop for the 5 ladies.  We kicked them out of the kitchen and readied our nest for baby #2. 

Darby with one of the Chickens from the Kitchen

Baby #2 arrived on July 3, 2012.  We welcomed to our nest, sweet Parson Blue Herrington. Weighing in at 8 pounds 8 ounces and measuring 19 1/2 inches long.  My OBGYN described her as "a chubby little red head we have here."  She had some respiratory issues at birth that required her to be placed in the NICU, but the doctors expected everything to be ok after a 7 day stay in the NICU. 

After coming home, we were delighted to see Darby in full swing as a BIG SISTER.  Daddy quickly realized that he was living in a female dominated world where "Chicks Rule" so he went out and bought a pink shirt.  We rocked along in absolute new baby bliss.  We were delighted to find Dr. George Fidone, a pediatrician that we "clicked with" from the very first visit.  He seemed to be a really cool cat who knew a lot about babies.  Taking Parson to Dr. Fidone would later prove to be the best decision we had made in a long time - coming a close second to moving the chickens out of the kitchen into the coop. 

Our first visit to Dr. Fidone was a huge success with him reporting that she was 100% perfect and would not have any lasting affects from her rough start.  He agreed with the doctors at her birth -- Sometimes these respiratory issues are present with C-section babies.  Despite the few "fun things" that she had going on he said she would be just fine with time. 


  1. We love Dr. Fidone!! Parson and Darby are so stinking cute! Knowing Darby, she has names for every one of those chickens. Your family remains in my prayers.

    1. Who is this post from? Thank you. You betcha those chickens have names. Dr. Fidone truly saved Parson's life - so he is on the top of our superhero's list.