Monday, April 8, 2013

The Dream Team

After 5 days in ICU, we transferred back to PCU (progressive care) last night. Parson is off most of the sedation drugs and is beginning to come back to "life" again. Her heart rate is much more stable & her breathing is improved also. I am expecting smiles to return anytime.

Last night was a good night & today has been a good day. It has been a while since I was able to say either of those phrases. Ahhh - feels so good.

Dr. Fidone, our pediatrician from Lufkin, popped in to check on PDiddy today and he and Dr. Mallory met for the first time. It was a Kodak moment and it made me so thankful to have "The Dream Team" all together in one place. I am considering getting a cardboard cutout of Dr. Fidone for the hospital room, because Par has been on her best behavior the last couple of times he has checked in. She has good days when he is around.

Rodney & Darby came this past weekend for a visit. Darby learned to blow bubbles with her bubblegum and has been practicing nonstop since. We went to Hermann park to ride paddle boats & eat snocones. It was a gorgeous day Saturday. Snocones + bubblegum + paddleboats = GOOD DAY!

Pic #1 - The Dream Team
Pic #2 - Darby with a snocone in Herman Park this past weekend
Pic #3 - Parson "brushing" her teeth earlier today

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