Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Waiting Game

Parson was doing well enough to get the boot out of ICU, so we moved again. Back to the PCU (progressive care unit) - 7th floor. We have had a few other offers for lungs - the latest one overnight, but they just were not right. (That makes offer #6 - for those of you keeping track.). The right lungs are coming soon - I just feel it!

With only two more days left in April, I want to insert a public service announcement here ... RECYCLE YOURSELF - BECOME AN ORGAN DONOR.

Parson's picc line infection has cleared and negative cultures have returned on all tests. :) She has been fever free & infection free for over a week now. Her CRP level has also improved. We are carefully watching her hemoglobin level to see if she needs to be transfused. (She may need some of that good FUMC Jasper blood.) The docs do not want to transfuse unless absolutely necessary. They are gradually weaning her methadone & Ativan and she is slowly coming back to life a little more each day. I bet smiles will return soon.

As you can see in pictures, Parson has made significant improvement from the "failure to thrive" diagnosis she received back in February. In fact, they trimmed back her diet this past week because the cheeks have officially taken over her face.
Over the last week or so we have been able to enjoy some great family & friend time. Thank you to each of you who are "carrying" us with your prayers, calls, texts, and visits. I have included a few pics below of the waiting game...

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