Friday, March 8, 2013

Country Living

Good news.... We got the plumbing/poop issues resolved and got evicted from ICU last night. We are back in the progressive care unit where we began trach "boot camp" today. They have slowly resumed feeds through her GTube and decreased her IV fluids. They have also begun to wean her ventilator settings as well.

Today has been a big day. Parson has slowly started to come back to life. She has been really dazed & confused since Monday's surgery. Today she finally realized that her hands/arms are connected to her body again. She has also resumed with the various therapies. We saw our friends from occupational and physical therapies today. They got her sitting up & got her dressed. I think she is feeling like a new woman. She has begun to reach & grasp and kick her legs once again :) She has been very serious in her temperament with no smiles so far -- but I know the smiles are coming soon.

I'm learning about kangaroo pumps, suction catheters, tumble form chairs and so much more. I got a big notebook to study and ask questions about. Next week we will go to trach education classes, trach CPR classes and have our "on the job training" in preparation to graduate so that we can come home and enjoy some good country living - where things make more sense.

Speaking of country living .... I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed with the outpouring of support that our community has shown for Parson Blue and our family. Many thanks to those involved in today's TEAM PARSON Chili Cook Off and Auction. I heard there was some really great chili. Thanks to those who organized the event, those that cooked chili and desserts, and to those that donated auction items. We appreciate and love you all. I am so proud to call Jasper, Texas my home.

Even Dr. Mallory said during rounds this morning that everyone would do better with "some good country living."

Below is a before/after physical therapy pic....

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