Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wild Woman

It has been a pretty quiet weekend around here. But I learned last night that "quiet" "boring" and "slow" are bad words that they do not use around here. The nurses consider those to be dirty words. We are at the end of a hall in ICU and everyone else moved out yesterday so it has been really quiet. The medical team has kept Par completely sedated since Thursday's surgery so that the tracheostomy may heal properly. Gradually they have had to increase the amount of drugs because she is waking up and is a "wild woman" as the nurses say. They have had to restrain her arms to her legs so that she doesn't pull anything. She spiked a fever yesterday so they began a broad spectrum antibiotic to treat for any infection. Test results and cultures are still pending.

Parson has had lots of visitors this weekend. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends, and her favorite doctor. Thanks to the visitors, I even snuck away from the hospital and enjoyed dinner with Darby yesterday. They had the best mariachi band at Pappacito's and we had a ball. Standing on your chair while shaking maracas makes everybody happy, happy, happy! And as our friend Chuy would say " We owned that joint!" ... Boy- I needed that!

It really is a small world. This hospital trip has confirmed that to me several different times. This morning Kathleen the physician's assistant was examining Par and asked me if Jasper was anywhere close to Hemphill. Hemphill- are you kidding me? I was amazed. Her grandfather was a physician in Hemphill and his office was above the feed store. The in another small world encounter, Dr. Mallory went to a wedding yesterday and sat at a table with a lady from Jasper - but he could not remember her name.

As of now, Parson is still on the surgery schedule for tomorrow to receive her GTube and fundoplication. I am hoping the fever stays down and does not delay surgery. For now, I am practicing being still while I can.

"The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” - Exodus 14:14

Things are gonna get really busy just as soon as they let Parson wake up. I can't wait!

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