Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Poop

Ok - who wants the Poop on Parson?
If you don't want the dirty details - you may need to pass on today's blog post.

So PDiddy had a Upper GI a week ago in preparation for her first surgery. During that test they gave her barium - the barium is still hanging around causing problems. Diddy hasn't pooped since last Thursday. The docs have given colace, milk of magnesia, miralax and glycerin suppositories to try and get things moving. We have been working on poop production for 3 full days. Diddy desperately needed to Doodie! Last night it became a HUGE issue. She spiked a fever and her belly was HUGE and bright red & very tight. After two enemas and 3 suppositories she finally pooped! (Remember- I warned you to skip the post if you didn't want the details :) ) There is definitely more poop to come, but it was a start. Once the belly issues are resolved, she can start with some pedialite in her GButton/tube and then progress from there. But for now the surgeon has the pedialite on hold. Physical therapy came and worked with Par today. They sat her up for the first time since surgery and hopefully that will be helpful to keep things moving. (Picture attached is Par doing her workout with her Physical Therapy friends.)

The poop back up is holding up any forward progress. Once things get moving, they will begin to wean her ventilator settings, begin to give her formula, begin the trach education and move us out of ICU back to progressive care.

Last night was a really long night while on poop watch. Somewhere in the wee hours I went to my chair in the ICU waiting area for a quick nap between enemas and the "chorus of snorers" was already in full force. There were four snorers, a snorter and a whistler too- all kinds were represented last night. Needless to say the nap didn't work out, but today has been a much better day and I keep reminding myself that "this too shall pass." (Pun intended).

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