Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kinda like Skydiving

Honestly it reminded me of skydiving. We didn't think about it - we just did it. Sure, we thought we knew what to expect, but we just jumped in and did it - and didn't even give it a second thought. (Didn't have a chance to get butterflies or queasy.) Then, once it was all said and done - we gave each other a big ole HIGH FIVE!

Yea, we did go skydiving about 7 years ago, but this time I am talking about changing out Parson's trach for the first time yesterday. Just like when we went skydiving, Rodney went first, then I followed. We did AWESOME!

Yesterday was a whirlwind - three different classes followed by the big "end-of-course exam" (the actual trach change exercise). Rodney and I both received an "A" on the exercise and Parson got an "A+" because she was a great sport and let both of us have a turn. Then we began the 24 hour "room in" where we were to be 100% responsible for Parson without nurses help. We had to initiate all of her feeds, respond to alarms, administer all her meds & handle her ventilation equipment. WOOHOO- PARTY IN ROOM 10 !!!

While the trach change was a EPIC success, the "room in" was another story- EPIC FAIL! Long story and even longer night. We ended up having more attention than ever. Seems like if it could go wrong - it did. Par's trach was leaking air around it and she was talking/blabbing around it. (It was really cute/funny, but caused improper ventilation.) Then the ventilator kept alarming and powering off for no reason. (This should NEVER happen.) We switched to 3 different vents in the night. We finally decided that we had a power/electrical problem in the room. In the midst of the chaos, Par desat'ed to 19 (should be around 90-100), turned a lovely shade of "Parson Blue" and had a spell -- we had to bag her and breathe for her. So much for "rooming in"- we had more company than any other time -- but glad the problems happened while we were still in the hospital. We changed vents, electrical plugs and eventually changed rooms today. The new room has a better view & a much better shower.

Things are going fine today, but definitely hung over from the party last night in rm 10! Here's hoping for a better night tonight. The 24 hour "room in" is over and now we are just held captive until at least Monday. Here's hoping that Parson does not have any more episodes of acute desaturation, because Dr. Mallory said that could keep us here longer. Fingers crossed.

I have to admit - there was a HUGE rush when we went skydiving and we felt the same way yesterday - nothing like conquering something new. As Uncle Carter used to say, "Ain't no hill for a stepper."

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  1. So proud of you three!!! Hang in there and know we are praying for a great night tonight (and many more to come)! Love you guys-