Monday, March 4, 2013

I am amazed!

Whew - Parson's surgery went well and she has just returned to the ICU. Dr. Cass was able to do all three procedures laparoscopically. Today she had a fundoplication where they bring up and secure a portion of her stomach around the esophagus. This is to prevent reflux and protect her future transplanted lungs against any reflux as well. She also had a gastrostomy where she got a g tube/g button (feeding tube). The final procedure was a last minute "bonus" to repair an abdominal hernia that she has had since birth. The doctor did all that in her little body through 4 tiny holes. AMAZING! He even gave me pictures after the surgery. Actually, Dr. Cass frequently performs fetal surgeries where they take the baby out of the Mother's uterus and complete the surgery- then put the baby back -- Absolutely amazing when I think about it.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever". -- Psalm 107:1

I am so thankful for skilled doctors and steady, trained hands. I am thankful for strong family and friends. I am thankful for unending prayers for Parson. I am thankful for angel armies. I am so thankful to have the surgeries behind us.

Now we begin the recovery process & trach education in preparation to come home. I have tried not to think about home much - but I just can't help myself. I miss life on River Ridge Road - Things just make more sense there.

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  1. Jen, you and Rodney don't know me, but Susanne and I lived next door to each other when Rodney was born. Through Nancy Dickey I found out about your precious Parson and this blog and have been so blessed reading of her struggle and your unwavering faith. All of you are now in my daily prayers that God will provide the needs of that day.