Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've got good news for you guys. Several days ago I saw a commercial advertising that "stress sweat" is 4x worse than regular sweat. I can testify to that statistic, but I also need to testify that Secret clinical strength can hold up to the stress sweat. It can even handle a "code red" and sudden change of plans if necessary.

Parson had another great night. Darby on the other hand is puny. After a tele-medicine visit earlier this week, she still hasn't improved so she went the doc today. She should be "good as new" soon. The only thing worse than one sick kiddo - is TWO!

So Rodney got Darby situated and made plans to head this way for Friday's surgery. Parson & I settled in and set things on "cruise control" for a calm day. About that time - the doctors came in to tell me we had a change of plans. The docs decided to split the surgical procedures so that we could have specific surgeons & Parson would not be under anesthesia for an extended amount of time.

So, the tracheostomy surgery took place earlier today and was very uneventful. The combo GTube/fundoplication surgery will take place on Monday.

Par is resting comfortably after surgery. They will keep her paralyzed and sedated to protect her for the next few days. She will remain in ICU for 5-7 days until the first trach change. After that we will move back upstairs to PCU where we will receive all of our trach training.

It is so great to see my little Sweet P with nothing taped on her face or in her nose for the first time in 6 months. She is just so stinking cute. Our little trooper reminds me to laugh and smile in spite of the circumstances. They kept her without food all day today to prepare for surgery and she still remained so smiley & happy. She was blabbing and laughing as the anesthesiologists were wheeling her down for surgery.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future." -- Proverbs 31:25

That's my girl! I am SO thankful for my happy girls, ENT doctors that went to Harvard medical school, praying friends and clinical strength Secret. I'm pooped after the big change of plans, so this Momma is gonna take a little nap.

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  1. So glad to hear. It sounds like some good progress is being made. Love the beautiful picture of sleeping Sweet P!