Saturday, February 9, 2013

She had a good night...

After four hospital stays with Parson, I have learned the beauty of the phrase - "She had a good night". There is just something about nighttime for Parson, every time she has gotten into significant respiratory distress it has happened somewhere during the night. So, it is music to my ears to hear and say .... She had a good night. Yahoo!

She had a good night! Yesterday they conducted a pressure support trial to allow her to breathe on her own to see how she could do. She handled it "like a boss" and lasted the whole hour. Today they did the test again twice and she did great. Her X-ray from today showed improvement as well. So- WOOOOHOOOO they just extubated and no more ventilator! So far she is holding her own and breathing on her own. Oh happy day!

Darby got to come see Par for a short visit today. I sure was glad to see her too. Here's hoping I will be able to report again tomorrow - "She had a good night".

"Every good and perfect thing is from above...." -James 1:17


  1. Love hearing good news!! Happy Day indeed!

  2. :) Good to hear this. -Christie McWilliams