Sunday, February 10, 2013

A day of Rest....

Well, Sweet P lasted about 2 hours off the vent yesterday -- then needed to be reintubated. :( So during rounds this morning they said today would be a "day of rest" for Parson - Pretty fitting for a Sunday. She has definitely earned it. Dr. Mallory agreed. He feels 80% sure she will be able to come off of the vent in a few days. (I am a hopeful optimist, so I didn't ask about the other 20%.)

Darby had a blast staying in a hotel and even took a swim last night to get some of her "willies" out. She is such a trooper. She will be headed back to Jasper with Nana & Papa later this morning. She charmed the folks here in ICU before she left and Parson's nurse even fixed her up with a new Kitty Kat headband. Darby is really trying to be brave even though her little world has been turned upside down. For those of you that are members of her fan-club, please say a prayer for her and give her a little extra love when you see her.

I am hopeful.

"Blessed are those who trust in The Lord whose hope is in Him" - Jeremiah 17:1

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