Monday, February 4, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

My oh my. What a night/day so far.

Sweet little Parson just could not shake the junk from her sickness and last night she took a nose dive. She woke around 1.30 coughing, laboring and having lots of trouble breathing. I worked to console her but just could not help her. Her oxygen saturations continued to drop so I upped her supplemental oxygen. When that didn't work, I woke Rodney and told him we needed to head to the ER. Next I called Mom and asked her to come sit with Darby.

When we arrived at the ER her O2 SAT was 75 and her arms and legs were blue. Scary stuff. Her white blood cell count was way high, her heart rate was high & her pH was also high. The staff at Jasper Memorial were quick, compassionate and attentive. They were able to stabilize her and then get in touch with the doctors at Texas Children's. They made the call to transport her to Houston via the kangaroo crew.

Once the crew came to JMH, they transported us via ambulance to the Jasper Airport where the plane was waiting. Thankfully, I was able to travel with Parson on her first plane trip. Ahhh, at this point I felt a huge sense of relief knowing Par was stable and headed to Houston. (Plus the sunrise was absolutely gorgeous through the little window of the plane.) We landed at Hobby Airport where the kangaroo crew ambulance was waiting to transport us to Texas Children's.

Parson is currently stable in PICU. They have upped the level of her supplemental oxygen. She has also gotten several different meds & breathing treatments. They have listened to her, poked her, stuck her and oogled & googled over her big blue eyes. For the last few minutes no one has bothered her and she has finally closed her eyes for a little nap. Her nurse today is named Nick. He has 6 kids of his own and he has been with TCH for 13 years. Trust me- this fella has got things under control.

A couple of things of note...
1. A BIG thank you to my Mom for answering the call of the "wee hours babysitting service" & to my sister for meeting me here in Houston until Rodney could get here.

2. For those of you that liked the previous "deodorant blog" - we left in such a hurry this morning, I didn't even stop at the deodorant drawer - So, no tropical paradise and no 3x cooler & fresher under pressure today. Oh well, surely I'll smell better tomorrow. :)

3. Shortly before Christmas I underwent genetic testing to see if I had the same genetic mutation as Parson (by chance if I had passed it to her or if I was possibly a carrier). Results came back today that I do NOT have the mutation -which is a BIG relief. Whew - This means Darby will not have to undergo any testing.

4. I really gotta get one of those Lear jets. That was a VERY quick trip -we were in Houston before I even buckled my seatbelt. Thanks kangaroo crew.

5. Thank you Lord for sweet sunrises, precious family members, great doctors & nurses, angel armies, and praying friends.

"He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee" - Isaiah 26:3

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  1. May God keep HIS HUGE HEALING arms wrapped around you all. God Bless.