Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hectic Holy Water

Today has been quite hectic in lucky room 13. Parson has had the respiratory therapist "beating" on her chest and working on her vent settings. One roomie has had physical therapy, speech therapy, and an eye evaluation. And the other roommate has had surgery, sacrament & extubation. A little while ago, a priest came by and asked if I had requested a sacrament. I told him he was probably looking for our other little friend. At the same time we had an endocrine team of 6 docs, a chest X-ray, a holy sacrament and 3 different patient alarms going off all at once. This joint has been hopping! Ahhh, reminds me of home.

Par had a good night. Dr. Mallory showed me this morning's chest X-ray which looked worse on her right side. They think it is just a normal course where a sickness can get worse before it gets better. Her Xray looked really cloudy and the right lung looks partially collapsed. So they plan to offer additional time & support to see if things can improve. The respiratory therapist assigned to Par is earning her keep today. Yesterday they were able to remove the neuromuscular block from Parson, so she is no longer completely paralyzed, but able to wiggle a bit. As long as she is on the ventilator, she will remain sedated so she doesn't pull out the chest tube.

My mom (Gee Gee) and Rodney switched places for a few days so Darby could have a few "normal" days at home. Gee Gee has been busy making friends here and getting everybody lined out on how to take care of "her baby".

As the room got really crowded this morning I stopped to think about how all those tending to the kids are a part of the big "angel army" -- Special agents of the King. Even though we didn't get the best news with Par's X-ray this morning, I am very confident in the plan of the "crowded room". All these folks are here to help make things better. So bring on the hectic, bring on the holy water, and bring on the helpers. Come on in, we have got plenty of room.

"Fear not, I am the one who HELPS you" Isaiah 41:13

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