Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moving Day

It has been a busy day. Parson was served with eviction orders from ICU today. We moved up to PCU (progressive care) which is a step-down unit still within critical care. We are in a room by ourselves where Rodney & I will be able to stay the night with Parson :)

Parson is doing better but still has more work to do. She has had nothing to eat since 9 yesterday morning. Just IV fluids. There is a concern regarding her current respiratory status & her ability to swallow properly. A therapist came earlier and she got 2 oz of pedialite & they think she might be silently aspirating - so nothing more for now. She is scheduled for a swallow function test in the morning to see what is going on. Test results will determine if/when she gets to eat.

Since Rodney & I will be able to stay in the room with Parson now, we traded in our ICU waiting room recliners for a pull out couch! We also have a shower in the room which is a great improvement! 5 star! You all know by now that I have some really weird qwerks - chickens in the kitchen, a deodorant drawer, The Commodores to start the day etc. So in my transparency, I may as well let you in on another of my eccentricities. I love the towels here at Texas Children's Hospital. They are cheap, thin, skinny, rough & crunchy. There is just something about them.... They work wonders to exfoliate. They are super thirsty. They are plentiful. They make me happy. (My love for the towels is probably exaggerated just a little bit by the fact that showers were pretty scarce while we were in ICU.) Do you think the nice folks here at TCH would notice if I started my own little collection of towels to take home?

Most people would say the towels are the worst thing they have ever come across. I guess it is all about perspective. The towels have been good to me. They are right here when I need them and they do their job.

When I woke up this morning, I was a bit weary. Wondering what the day might bring - progress or setbacks? I had to remind myself - My God is just like these hospital towels....He is right here when I need Him. When I am weary, He makes me happy. His blessings are plentiful. God is so good to me. Knowing that, I am not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

"God is our refuge and strength an ever- present help in trouble." - Psalms 46:1


  1. Jennifer...

    I'm a friend of Janie's. I have been following Parson's status on her FB posts and have just checked out your blog. We are praying for all of your family as you travel this path... I know that God is traveling with you and will give you guidance. It is always rough to have little ones with health issues...gosh it is rough to have big ones with issues...We do what we must to hang in there and find His peace and joy in it all.

  2. Jenn, I have been close friends with Susanne since Rodney was in 4th-5th grade. Just want you to know how important this extended family is to me. I love them (you) all. And I love little Parson even though I've never seen her in person. All my friends and family know about Parson and we are praying. God be with you today. (And may we all find and appreciate the "towels" in our lives, too.) Many blessings on each of you today!