Friday, February 15, 2013


Kid President says.... "Cupcakes bring us all together. If everybody ate cupcakes, Ain't nobody be mad."

Yesterday we saw a little glimpse of the real Parson returning as she gave us a little smile. That made for a great Valentine's day. Parson also got some sweet valentine cards and goodies from the nice folks here on the 7th floor - one card from North Carolina, one from Maryland & one all the way from Newton, Texas. To top off Valentines, we had a good visit from great friends who brought dinner and....cupcakes!

Progress for Parson has been really slow. She has had a tough time this morning breathing and her doctors finally got to see one of the "spells" of respiratory distress. They have often seen her right after a "spell", but not in the midst- so that was a good thing. She is getting lots of therapy PT, OT, & respiratory therapy. Her lungs are still pretty junky & she still sounds yucky. They also tweaked her meds a bit this morning. Her doc said she needs to be weaned more from her oxygen & show him that she is stronger & free from the "spells" for a while before he lets her go home. The docs say she is a mystery because she is not responding to meds & treatment in the typical fashion. So I feel like we will be here at least a few more days.

On top of the other health issues, Parson is cutting teeth. Bless her heart - she just cannot catch a break. The first tiny little tooth finally cut thru. We have tried Tylenol & orajel - but she is just plain cranky.

I have one cupcake left, so I think she & I will split it. That will make us both feel better! Happy Friday to everyone - go find a friend & eat a cupcake. :)

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  1. Oh sweet friend. Wish I could leave you a cupcake everyday! Give sugar to Sweet P. Love u!