Saturday, May 11, 2013

Can't Stop Me Now

All week has been a back and forth ride on the roller coaster.  Parson just hasn't been happy. The doctors have worked to find the perfect combination of interventions to help alleviate the spells of respiratory distress. Still in PICU for now. Parson's docs told her yesterday that she was gonna need  to "prove" herself before they allow us to transfer back up to PCU.  Yesterday was a crummy day as Parson required a great deal of extra IV sedatives to keep her comfortable. Even with all of the meds on board, she does not respond in the typical fashion. Most kiddos would be out like a light, but PDiddy seems to keep going strong. Little by little we are ruling out what doesn't work. After doubling a dose of her meds late yesterday, she had a great night and is smiling and bopping today (for the first time in a good while). I will take sweet smiles any day!  

After all of our time here, I am still amazed at the personal touch that we have received.  Our nurses and doctors are second to none. Everyone from social workers, to the child life specialists, RT, PT, OT and our transplant team have been so very good to us.  Child Life made the sweetest Mother's Day card for me with Par's help (See pic below) - sweet sweet feet. 

In the latest music news... I downloaded a great new song - Rod Stewart "Can't Stop Me Now".  (That rascal just keeps on turning out great new music - plus he has some cool doo wop girls.)  I have deemed it the PDiddy theme song...  This one goes out on a long distance dedication from PDiddy to all of you...

They can't stop me now, the world is waiting, It's my turn to stand out in the crowd.  They can't stop me now, the tide is turning, I'm gonna make you proud. So proud. So proud.  It was rough and it was tough but I couldn't get enough of this rhythm and blues I craved.....I will climb this mountain with this God given gift if it's the last thing that I do....They can't stop me now, The world is waiting. 

Thanks for the faith. Thanks for patience. Thanks for the helping hand. Thanks for the love. Thanks for the guidance...  Cause they can't stop me now, The world is waiting. 

One day soon, Parson is gonna bust out of this hospital and get to know all of you who have been faithful friends along this journey.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't tired of waiting for things to look up for little Parson. This has been quite a journey so far. She is such a fierce little fighter. On the days when I am weary, I put on my happy face, cancel the pity party and join PDiddy in fighter mode. Though she be but little, she is fierce. Soon she will receive her new angel lungs that will allow her to meet all of her wonderful fan club ... because we know the world is waiting. 

My Mother's Day has been amazing. A corsage, mother daughter "medicures", perfume, new shoes, chocolate covered strawberries, Pappacito's, and all the family in one place.  That is a LOT of goodness for one weekend!!  A BIG HUGE thanks goes out to my Mom for staying with Parson while I went out and enjoyed my day. Boy did that feel good. You are the best - I love you Momma. 

Par's Mothers Day Card

My heart...

Darby putting Lip Gloss on PDiddy

Darby's first "Medicure" 

Pink & Blue - Darby & Mom "Medicures"


Parson got a "medicure" too.
Purple Power!

Par now has a cape & mask to go with her super hero status... (Cutest thing I have ever seen) 

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