Saturday, May 4, 2013

Parson Blue Day !!!

Parson Blue Day was absolutely AHHHHH - MAZING! My heart is so full that it made my eyes leak. Just when I would pull it together again, you guys would overwhelm me with more pictures offering love & support. (My eyes are leaking again as I type this.)

Parson has done much better over the past few days in ICU, so we moved back up to PCU yesterday where I get to "room-in" with her. One of the nurses told me that she thought that I needed my own dedicated cart for moving since Parson has earned so many "frequent flyer" miles. I am beginning to think she is on to something. The docs have tweaked her meds a bit so here's hoping we can keep her heart rate and increased work of breathing better under control while we wait for her new lungs.

There are peace, love & PB Tshirts EVERYWHERE. (Kree even got one.) The Grimy Gals and Tuff Mudders even represented Parson Blue this weekend in Galveston at the Gritty Goddess race. We have received love and prayers from sunny California, Hawaii, Louisville and all the way from France -- but none of those were as sweet as those from HOME - my Jasper home. You guys are THE BEST. Thanks so much for the LOVE.

Big HUGE thanks go out to the YLSET- Youth Leadership Southeast Texas- students (pictured below) from Jasper High School who made Parson Blue Day happen. Our family is so grateful to these students, their adult sponsors & the TShirt sponsors listed below. These folks are leaders in my book!

YLSET Members:
- Jacy Cordova - team leader
- Kurstin Buckmaster
- Morgan Denovich
- Katherine Padgett

TShirt Sponsors:
- Elijah's Cafe
- Weaver Brothers Motor Company
- First National Bank
- James E Jeansonne Financial Planner
- Lakeway Tire

Adult Sponsors:
- Debbie Cordova
- Donna McDonald
- Stacy Gillis

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