Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crazy Train

Ok friends, I have officially lost it. I am not one to try and fit in or follow the crowd, in fact I typically like to swim upstream most of the time, but I have lost complete control and don't know the person who is writing this blog entry -As I sit here drinking my cucumber infused water.

I don't even like cucumbers or water for that matter. I hate most vegetables. I love sweet tea and grilled cheese sandwiches. In fact, I think the last vegetable I ate was actually a fried green bean last week sometime. (That counts huh?) But somehow these crazy nurses convinced me to jump on the crazy train and do a juice detox. At 3:52 am this morning a nice fella delivered my handy dandy little pack of juices that are going to absolutely transform my life. Well, I drank the first for breakfast - a nice combination of pineapple, orange, carrot, & beet. And I am pleased to report that I didn't die yet. Now I am slowly sipping my cucumber infused water (I can have all of that I want today). In just a few minutes, I will enjoy my mid-morning snack - pineapple apple, orange carrot, grapefruit & grape juice.  

After my system is completely shocked with veggie/fruit overload, I will probably not even need to sleep tonight - and I am not gonna want to sleep because I am gonna feel like a million bucks - and be ten foot tall and bulletproof. I would love to blog on and on and tell you about the amazing benefits of juicing, but I gotta run out to the fridge and get my juice snack -- and take a nap because I can't keep my eyes open (there is no caffeine on the detox baby!). 

Good clean living. They say a change of pace is nice - right? 

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