Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Broken Record

I sound like a broken record, but you all must indulge me. I gotta say it again -- Parson is doing GREAT!  She is smiling non stop & kicking her feet non stop too. I just cannot believe how quick she has improved. She feels SO SO much better. I have a feeling the fierce one is going to be making up for lost time very soon. (I am about to be really busy and I can't wait! )

Parson had a bronchoscopy this morning     where the physicians send a teeny tiny camera down into her lungs to check on things.  It was very cool to see -Everything looked GREAT. The new lungs are healing well and all pink & healthy looking. Yes!   We have one little hiccup - Her PICC line that is used for medicine infusion & blood draws is not working properly, so we will address that tomorrow when she can get on the schedule to go downstairs and have it rewired or replaced.

It was moving day today.  Late this afternoon, we took a field trip back upstairs to PCU (progressive care) to reunite with our old friends. We were so sad to leave our PICU family, but very excited that things have improved to the point for us to make the move. I have got the cutest roommate around since I get to room-in with Parson.  Oh, happy day- Momma also gets my own bathroom and shower. 

Thank you so much for the prayers that have carried us thus far. God has been so faithful day in and day out.  Please add a prayer that Parson's mom will be able to keep up with her. :) 

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore I have continued my faithfulness to you." - Jeremiah 31:3

Working on some new teeth

Sitting up like a BIG girl (with assistance)

Parson loves it when Ola (respiratory therapist) brings his song & dance show to town. She is crazy about him. 

Darby with Parson's "medicine bouquet"

Just can't get enough of this pic - All smiles here  

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  1. Jennifer: Do you know what the youngest child to be bi-lateral lung tx'd? Just curious. (A 56 year old bi-lateral recipient LOL And yes...she will keep you busy...very busy celebrating her new life. Breathing easy makes such a huge difference! I know...I did a 5k walk/jog 4 months after my tx! LOL) Just Breathe! Visit facebook page: Lung Transplantation: Taking Flight with New Life. Support