Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parson Blue Express

Well, I was given a "gentle" reminder about patience and giving up control from our friendly pediatrician yesterday. He told me to "quit driving from the back seat"-- (Dang it --How does he know me so well after only 11 months?). Anyway, he told me to slow down, be patient and let the doctors do their thing. In time, he said that things would begin to progress very quickly.  Well, guess what???? Dr. Fidone was right again.  

I am once again back on a runaway train --but I am liking the the return trip much better than the one we took getting here. I like where we are headed and I am enjoying the stops & sights along the way. Parson is doing great - -I'll take a day like today - any day. I certainly can't drive a train, but I make a great passenger.  (If you see Dr. Fidone, make sure & tell him you saw me riding in the backseat - looking out the window - not driving.)

It has been a great day to be on the Parson Blue Express. It started early this morning with Dr. Mallory and Dr. Heinle agreeing that 2 of 4 chest tubes could be removed. They also said the catheter that had been in her belly for dialysis could come out as well. The surgery team said all of these are pretty painful, so this should provide some relief. (After seeing just how far the tubes were down in her little body -then sutchered, I can bet she is feeling better already!)  In addition to removing those 3 tubes, she also got to get rid of her femoral arterial line that had been in her groin. Small victories. Woohoo. The team was also able to take the first step toward weaning the heavy doses of IV drips. They were able to wean her fentanyl & versed today - first BIG step toward detox.  But better than all of that, Parson has not had a single episode where we had to bag her because her SAT's dropped. Guess she has realized that the new lungs are working!  

Choo choo - ALL ABOARD -- Parson Blue is coming thru!!  

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