Thursday, June 6, 2013

This is the Day?!?!?!

The LORD has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad. - Psalm 118:24

We have the potential of a VERY good offer for lungs. Everything looks great so far for the transplant. The plan right now is to head to the operating room around 6ish this evening. (Of course all of that is still tentative.) The transplant surgeon here would like Parson to go to the operating room around the same time as the donor. The surgeon from here will go to recover the donor lungs at the donor hospital. Once the donor lungs are "good" on visualization, they will begin surgery on Parson. 

I just can't believe the rush of emotions surrounding today. Today is the day!  Parson will get her second chance at life. The miracle we have hoped and prayed for is here. After a really tough weekend and week, she will get her new angel lungs. 

Who are they coming from? Where are they coming from? What are the circumstances? My best day ever, is their worst day ever. 

Whew. I am absolutely exhausted from the swirl of emotions. In my anxiousness,  I keep going back to read a precious prayer I received via text message this morning. I don't even know the person who wrote it, it is from a friend of a friend. (Thank you KariAnn Lessner for this beautiful prayer.)

Lord, I lift sweet Parson to you today. We ask that this be THE match, the perfect fit. One that you ordained and saw fit to complete in her sweet little body TODAY. God give us eyes to see and ears to hear your message of providence in this story. Help us to trust you despite what the world says. Take those precious tiny lungs and transfer them safely into Parson's body with the hands of skilled surgeons who are guided by the Great Physician. And then PINK them up, as your life blood flows through that miraculous tissue. And when her sweet cheeks get flush from the oxygen bringing life and vitality to every fiber of her being, God, we will give you ALL the praise and glory! In Jesus MIGHTY name, Amen.


  1. That, my friend, is awesomeness at it's best! LET THIS BE THE DAY! IN JESUS NAME!

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  3. So excited for Parson. Praying today is the day! So happy you put a photo of my cross on your blog. On this day, especially! :>

  4. Excitedly praying for Team Parson. Glory to God for orchestrating this wonderful miracle. Anxiously awaiting more news. With love and prayers, Aunt Nancy