Friday, June 7, 2013

Timeline of a Transplant

Thursday 6:15am
Dr Mallory was waiting when I got to Parson's bedside in the PICU. He gave the fantastic news that we have a very good offer for Parson's lungs.  Most of the day was spent making pre surgery preparations - paperwork, consents, pre surgery meds etc. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the transplant team worked tirelessly to coordinate surgeons & OR times here at TCH and the donor hospital. The transplant was scheduled for 3pm, then it was 6pm, then it was 11pm - and then it was off. 

Thursday 10:38pm
Coordinator just called to let us know that because of the storm, the transplant is on hold until inclement weather clears. They are unable to fly to get the donor lungs. Dr. Mallory and Dr. Heinle will meet in the morning to make a determination if the donor lungs are still viable.  

Friday 3:49 am
I prayed until I fell asleep. I woke praying again. Just couldn't sleep so I am back in  PICU with Parson. Now I wait until we learn more in the morning. Sleep eludes me. Praying. 

Friday 6:30am 
As my faith wavered, the phone rang with  fantastic news. We received word that the transplant is a GO!  The surgeon should be in the air within the hour to retrieve the donor lungs.  God certainly stretched our faith in making us wait a bit longer, but He confirmed that things work so much better in his perfect timing. Not only were the lungs still viable after the significant weather delay, but the blood gases had actually improved overnight!  That doesn't usually happen. Wow- it is amazing how He works when we get outta the way. 

Friday 11:46am
Anesthesia came to administer pre surgery meds/sedation. Parson didn't go down without a fight as they confirmed that she would prove a challenge to sedate. We unlocked the brakes on Par's crib and rolled up to the 18th floor where we kissed her goodbye and they rolled her into the OR.  Now we settle in for the long wait. The first few hours will be used to place lines etc.  Hoping the next update confirms a great "visualization" on the donor lungs. 

Friday 2:19pm
Erin, transplant coordinator, called to confirm that the donor lungs looked great on visualization. It is GO time!  This isreally  gonna happen. The next update will come from the OR staff. They should let us know when the lungs arrive in the operating room. 

(This is where I went into a Blog Fog and started posting updates to Facebook and didn't transfer them here.  I had great intentions -- Sorry - please friend me on FB if you want to put the pieces together. [Jennifer Sheffield Herrington] I will recreate the timeline just as soon as I get tired of watching Parson take big, huge, DEEP breaths!) 

The past few days have been so surreal. Absolutely unbelievable. I am SO AMAZED that God saw fit to bless Parson with new lungs. I am immensely grateful to the donor family who chose to provide LIFE. It is a gift we will never be able to repay.  I have tried to come up with the words to accurately capture how I feel, but I just keep coming up empty.   I have said this over & over the past few says it best....

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father ... " - James 1:17 

 Parson's New Lungs

Old lungs/New Lungs

Dr. Mallory & Dr. Melikoff, Lung Transplant physicians

Dr. Mom Listening to the new lungs....

Mom & Dad give the new lungs Two thumbs up! 

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