Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy Baby = Happy Mommy

Another good day for Parcy. First thing this morning, she had about 50 minutes of a pressure support trial where she did all the breathing on her own. Wow!  Her blood gas after the trial looked bad (high co2) so she is back on the vent in pressure support mode for now.   It was a really good start, but she is just not quite ready.  Given a little more time and less sedatives, she should do great. She got rid of 2 more lines today -- the Foley catheter is out and she also got her central line out.   The BIG news is progress on weaning her IV pain/sedation meds. The docs made a big step down on those and she seems to have tolerated the wean just fine without any withdrawal. Yes! 

With each day,  Parson is showing great improvements.  It is so exciting. Today she was much more alert and awake. She began to play for brief periods and even gave us a few tiny smiles.  Happy baby = Happy Mommy

Stay tuned... the smiley baby is coming soon.  (I just know it!) 

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  1. Those eyes look like they are smiling to me!! I'm so thankful, and happy for you all, that she is doing so well! I continue to pray that this steady pace keeps on. Slow and steady wins the race!! Go Parson!!!