Saturday, June 15, 2013

Life is Good

From Parson...

They weaned my IV meds again today - I am doing SUPER. I smiled ALOT. I played with my big sister. I kicked my happy feet nonstop. I smiled alot. I had a 40 minute CPAP trial where I breathed on my own and I showed off a little bit. I smiled alot. My Texas Children's fans all keep dropping in to see how good I am doing. It makes the nurses and doctors SO HAPPY to see me smile.   Oh, and I never took a nap all day - naps are for sissies.   Life is good. 

Another great day 

Darby giving Parson her medicine

Daddy's Girl

Ah yes - All together now !

The Blue (eyed) Crew

Hey kids...

Brushing my teeth.... I got this. 

Silly girl & silly nurses 

Giving Kari a makeover - (drawing on the glass door)

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