Friday, June 14, 2013

My face hurts.

Woohoo.  Today was another great day. No need for vecuronium (paralysis) overnight.  No episodes of vent dis synchrony. Got the last 2 chest tubes out. Weaned IV meds again with no signs of withdrawal. And went back to bolus feeds today.  The fierce one is making great strides.  

Parson sat up for the first time post transplant today. The "Happy Feet" are back and she has partied like a ROCKSTAR today. I am so stinking pleased with her progress, my face hurts from all the smiling.  

Par working with PT

Par working with OT. 

I am pretty sure that the weaning of  meds is gonna catch up with us soon and we may have a bad day coming, but in the meantime I am gonna party with my ROCKSTAR!  

:) Coming Soon ... Check FB  (Jennifer Sheffield Herrington)  for a video clip. 


  1. Crazy thought, but does she normally wear just a diaper? If so, I imagine you will have a hard time keeping clothes & shoes on her when she gets home :) My little niece seems to prefer just a diaper. One of those funny things about babies.
    So excited for all of you. Praise God for his blessings! Kay S.

  2. You've given me happy feet and wet cheeks with today's great progress report. What a difference a week makes! We'll take every blessing along the way and deal with the bumps as they come. My prayer is for a withdrawal-free transition off those meds. Hoping our little chickadee can go cold turkey! Love & Hugs ... Aunt Nancy

  3. Awesome news and beautiful baby!