Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Little Engine

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. 

This little engine CAN!  It is crazy how fast Parson is progressing and you gotta know that this Momma could get used to days like this.  

She slept all through the night last night. Can I get an Amen? (Maybe these new lungs have gotten her out of her newborn sleeping habits!) Woohoo. At 8 this morning, the team deflated her trach cuff and she is able to make sounds again. They also started her on a cpap trial and the little fierce one made it 12 HOURS. She did all the work breathing on her own. As I write this, she is snoring up a storm and I am enjoying the sweet sound of her little voice - (even if it is snoring).

If all goes well, the plan is to decannulate (remove the trach) next week. Then possibly discharge sometime the following week.  We will remain here in Houston until the end of July for sure.  During that time, we will move to the Ronald McDonald house just a few blocks away from Texas Children's.  I absolutely cannot believe we are talking about going home. Can I get another AMEN? 

This is my "Auntie Super Sheena".  She is the respiratory therapist that came to my rescue in the ER back on the night of Sept 27. She is a baby whisperer. Me and Sheena go way back. 

This is Erin, the transplant coordinator who was "on call" and literally worked night & day to get my new lungs. Erin, you did a GREAT job!  We love you  - best wishes on your new journey. 

My GeeGee came to see me today and I had lots of smiles and even sang along with her silly songs. 

It is bedtime for me -- I am going to turn in early so that I can rest up to keep up tomorrow.  

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