Wednesday, June 12, 2013


The following is a guest blog from Darby and Parson's daddy.  He has been my SUPERMAN over the past 11 months....

Hi friends and family. Some of you out there we don’t even know, but we are so thankful for you. I’m sure you have heard about the amazing news of Parson successfully undergoing a full lung transplant on Friday June 7th. Words absolutely can’t describe what it was like when on Thurs night at 10:30 pm the transplant was called off because of bad weather, the dejection Jennifer and I felt, and then the elation at 6:30 Friday morning when our doctor said it was back on. And miraculously, the donor lungs had improved overnight, God knew what he was doing when he turned on that rain. The biblical metaphors of storm, light and dark are so appropriate here, it feels like these last couple of days are bright and brand new, full of hope and promise where those behind us were long, gray, and lifeless.


We are far from done with Parson, doctors are telling us it will be tough weaning her from the 9 or so controlled pharmaceutical cocktails she’s been taking daily. In addition, the shelf life on a set of baby lungs is around 7-8 years so we will more than likely do this all over again. And as much as we look forward to the day we can parade her around town and have all her fans over to the house, doctors are warning us that she will be immune deficient her whole life. This may sound like a downer, but for us it isn’t -- Our daughter is alive!!


I honestly don’t have the words to thank you all for the gifts, support, and time you’ve given to us over the last year. I’m deeply touched by those of you who took Darby, gave us money, gift cards, gift baskets, sent texts to Jenn to keep her from being lonely in the hospital, or helped us in some way without asking. And if I have said no to you when you asked I probably really meant yes but pride got in the way. Sorry, I’m working on that. God has really worked me over in the area of giving and receiving. I’m probably like a lot of you who are embarrassed to receive and like to give but don’t want to intrude or get in the way. I am not a good receiver of resources and time especially because I don’t want to put anybody out. So let’s call a spade a spade, this view on giving and receiving isn’t humility on my part, its pride.


So I’m learning to receive with grace, because that allows you to extend your hand (and the Word says that you are blessed for that), and hoping that I will be challenged to give of my resources and time without asking you for permission. And I’m also learning about vulnerability. I don’t have to be a super hero. I don’t have to be Happy. I can be human, with all its frailties. So if I told you we were doing fine anytime within the last 3-6 months I was probably lying. Pride again. I don’t want you to think that I’m weak. Strangely, that’s how we get closest to the Father. And I’m cool with that. I let him remind me all the time of my weakness. I don’t mind being frail around him. But I don’t want you to see the tattered edges of my  Superman cape. Working on that too. 


A cute little kid with lung issues will teach you more than just patience and faith.


And finally, we have most felt your generosity through prayer. Even in the time Thursday night when we both figured that this just isn’t God’s time yet, we weren’t really comforted to be honest, but in a strange way we felt propped up. We didn’t smile through the pain or sing a hymn, but just kept on going, kind of like that ol verse in Isaiah about those who hope in the Lord. Trust me, there was no soaring on wings like eagles, much less any running on Thursday night. We just walked, sloooowly through that night, propped up by prayer. And though thousands were praying that night, Jennifer never slept but endlessly talked to God and pleaded on Parsons behalf. My friends, a mother’s prayer is steadfast and more powerful than any army on earth. If you’re a mother, God bless you.


Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. But thank you all the same. And love and blessings on your family, you have blessed us.


Superman & the Girl Wonder


  1. Beautifully written. Just recently learned of your and Jennifer's incredible journey. You and your family remain in my prayers.
    Melissa Wilson (old fellow teacher at HHS) :)